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For more than two decades Daniel John Moore has worked to dress men well. Mr. Moore’s Custom and Made To Measure clothing line is a natural expression of his lifelong passion for the art of personal style, and his strong conviction that how a man presents himself to the world is of immeasurable importance.

Son of a Connecticut Yankee and European mother, Daniel traveled the globe from infancy as a result of his father’s military career. Along the way, he absorbed the spirit and textures of a variety of cultures that contributed greatly to his sensitivity for and the perception of, universal, timeless style.

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Upon moving to New York City, Daniel began his career in luxury menswear at the Bergdorf Goodman Flagship on 5th Avenue before settling at the Madison Avenue store of famed Roman retailer, Davide Cenci. For the next 15 years he worked side by side with one of the true gentlemen of the industry and grandson of the founder, Davide Cenci, clothing and accessorizing leading figures from business, medicine, diplomacy, sports and the arts. It was also there that Daniel mastered the art and science of fitting customized clothing under the tutelage of the legendary Mort Robbins.

The Daniel John Moore line of clothing is the culmination of a career working with men who understand that how we dress creates one’s individual brand and that will bear significantly upon such personal fundamentals as health, success and happiness… no matter where we live, work or play.

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